31 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Season 5 Death Predictions!”

  1. Every character pretty much has their faults:

    Carl – cocky
    Rick – unstable
    Beth – Weak
    Daryl – emotional baggage
    Michonne – emotional baggage
    Eugene – bad shot
    Glenn – reckless
    Tyreese – Impulsive
    Sasha – control issues
    Carol – leadership issues
    Judith – freakin baby
    Abraham – Control issues
    Bob – emotional baggage
    Tara – weak (in some ways)
    Rosita – Haven’t seen enough yet.
    Maggie – her attachment to glenn

    So look at the situation they are in now, who do you think will be most
    unlikely to make it out?

  2. Michonne / Daryl / Glenn will all die heroic deaths

    Rick eventually will turn into a zombie by being infected

  3. Tyreese dies at season finale bob will die mid season finale tara
    dies aswell glen will die at the finale I think Beth will comeback in the
    start of series 6 if there is one of course Eugene will not die he is a
    vital character that has the ability to end this zombie nightmare rosseita
    will probably die by protecting Eugene carole will probably stay alive
    Sasha and Maggie I think will remain alive on the show Daryl will not die
    hell no rick will not die carl will not die michonne hell no Abraham will
    probably die at the mid season finale Gareth will deffo die and so will
    Andrew and mary 

  4. IDK who will die at next season .. but iam sure both members at Terrminus
    will going to hell , one by one .

  5. Guy in my class:I love the walking dead! I am an expert on it!
    Me: Was Daryl in the comics?
    Guy: Yes!
    Me: Who’s Negan?
    Guy: Uhhh…..
    Me: Who dies first? Hershel or Dale?
    Guy: Dale in the comics lives for like 1 issue, right?
    Me: Who kills Glenn?
    Guy: Michonne!
    Me: GTFO 

  6. The main reason I don’t believe Beth is at Terminus, aside from Kirkman
    basically confirming she’s not, is that her abduction doesn’t really fit
    with their setup. The whole camp is designed to lure people in. It makes no
    sense that they would go out and capture people. On top of that, if she was
    there, which I REALLY did believe going into the finale, I think they would
    have revealed it then because it could have been a very effective, shocking
    way to reveal that the people there are in fact cannibals. But if she is
    there and they’re making us wait the whole hiatus and probably multiple
    episodes into S5 to find out, I feel like that would be too anticlimactic,
    not to mention way too similar to what happened with Sophia. Also, like the
    producers and writers say, characters have to “earn” their deaths on this
    show. Beth hasn’t earned it yet. There’s still too much story to tell with
    her. I don’t know where that story’s going, but the possible foreshadowing
    in the flashback with Rick putting his hat on her saying there’s a new
    sheriff in town and Daryl teaching her how to use the crossbow, defend
    herself, fight back etc…….the writers are planning SOMETHING, and I
    don’t think it’s to show her hanging from a meat rack. (I’m still crossing
    all my fingers and praying for her, though lmao)

  7. Beth is by far my favorite character why? she has been through a heck of a
    lot to get where she is now, from being suicidal to being attacked by her
    zombified mother, and to watch her family die around her, watching her
    father be decapitated. i hope to see her grow like carol! ( but maybe not
    so hardcore ) 

  8. For some reason, I feel that Morales and his family will return, but maybe
    it will just be him and his son or him and his daughter. If they bring him
    back, I don’t think everyone in his family will be alive.

  9. @Thomas Turner
    If carl dies, Rick will kill himself. Daryl wil risk his life and Michonne
    wil be alone and get bit by a walker. End of walking dead.

  10. I hope Carl dies, he’s annoying! What if Joe had aids and when rick bit him
    he got infected with another deadly virus? 

  11. I think the cannibals are gunna kill Glen. I think they will take someone
    out of the cart (maggie maybe) glens gunna stop them and say take him
    instead then they are gunna show him getting his arms or legs cut off for

  12. Rosita, tara and Gareth are now season regulars so they wont die any time
    soon, my guess is gareth escapes when the group take down terminus. i also
    dont think that beth, maggie or glenn will die because theyre making it too
    obvious that they will die. i think eugene will die, which gives abraham
    and rosita an excuse to stay with the group and i also think that sasha
    will die.

  13. Real question is who will help them or how will Rick and them will get out
    ? I mean only one’s left are Carol and Tyreese

  14. You make since and your predictions seem legit !!!!! Just binge watched the
    1 thru 4 in 4 days ..lol And I love love love this show I was a Lost fan
    And this is so much better ..Cant wait till Season 5 and watch them kick
    ass ,,When Rick said at the end They don’t know who they are messing with
    gave me chills and I knew Then this show will last for a long time to come
    and Ill watch this till I turn to a Zombie;)……Thanks for your input
    very smart predictions not only a fan of The Walking Dead but a fan of
    yours they should give you The Talking Dead episodes!!!!!!!!

  15. I’m pretty sure Neegan or however you spell it from the comics will be on
    the show in late season 5 or early season 6 so if he comes on I will miss
    you Glenn so very much.

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